Our experience in this sector ranges from Bingo to Champagne, from Toothpaste to Shelving and from new homes through to mortgages and loans.  We work with clients exploring the customer journey, packaging, communication strategy, co-creation, NPD and supply chain.

Commercial Clients


Sarah Mowl leads our commercial work.  She has a huge range of experience working for both consumer and B2B clients running national and international projects for clients including Western Union, DHL, Westons Cider, Sainsbury’s, Halifax Bank and Tesco’s.  She works closely with Design Agencies helping them to gain deeper insight into consumers’ attitude to packaging and its role in the purchasing cycle.

Our clients in this sector include the following


Commercial Clients Case Studies


We have worked with Westons across all their major cider brands on the redesign of their packaging. We work closely with their design agency (BOS) running UK wide co-creation workshops and focus groups to assess current design and product values and then developing creative concepts before coming up with the final solution, which has resulted in award-winning work for Wyld Wood Organic Cider. We have also worked on Old Rosie, Westons and Stowford Press.


Morplan is the market leader in retail fixtures and fittings.  We worked with them to assess the appeal and functionality of their catalogues amongst independent retailers across a range of sectors.  The work also included competitive reviews, online accessibility and customer service.  This work has helped shape their overall marketing and communications strategy.

A&E Networks UK

A&E Networks is an American media company that owns a group of television channels available via cable & satellite in the U.S. and abroad. A&E stands for Arts & Entertainment. We worked with A&E Networks UK to explore the marketing of a new Freeview TV channel, undertaking focus groups with their target audience to explore viewing behaviour, marketing messages, programming and branding.

Client Testimonial

“To run focus groups effectively takes discretion, diligence and adaptability, and The Focus Group have these qualities in spades. The insight we gained from the project was wrapped up with well thought out recommendations around how we could use this going forwards. The findings from the work we did with The Focus Group have been the foundation of that process.”

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