Engaging with employees is a core objective for organisations and a qualitative approach can help to gain valuable insights into staff motivations and experiences.

We have undertaken groups with staff to understand the impact of change management and restructures, to assess and evaluate training, to explore working practices and communication and to get underneath the statistics of the staff satisfaction survey.

Employee Clients


Our employee research is led by Carol McCloskey.  She has worked in the NHS assessing staff training and development needs and in the commercial sector working at ORC International as an Employee Researcher. In addition to research, Carol has also worked as a staff counsellor at an NHS Trust.

Our clients in this sector include the following


Employee Case Studies

Institute of Food Research

We worked with the IFR during a period of management change and they wished to understand more about the impact this had on their staff.  We ran a series of focus groups on site across all staff departments and levels.  We also undertook some individual interviews with senior management and some off site interviews with organisations who worked closely with the IFS.  This work helped to inform their organisational action plan to help move forward with their change management programme.

 “We considered one of the large London based consultancies and The Focus Group to conduct some staff focus groups and decided upon The Focus Group because of their responsiveness, the quick understanding of our organisational issues and their general style. We made absolutely the right decision – the reaction of staff at all levels to Carol and Sarah was excellent, people really opened up and we received an excellent report and presentation that formed the basis of a strong action plan to deal with the issues arising. I cannot recommend them too highly.”

Roy Nicholson, Head of HR, Norwich Biosciences Institutes.

St Mary's University

We worked with St Mary’s University to help them better understand their staff survey which had been undertaken during a period of change at the University. They wished to focus on some key areas around communication, engagement and bureaucracy.  We ran a series of focus groups on site with staff across all grades and departments. We returned to St Mary’s 2 years later to repeat the exercise with the aim to explore the impact of the changes made during the previous 2 years.

Victim Support

Victim Support wished to understand more about their volunteer workers and explore why people chose to leave the service and how the volunteer experience could be improved. We ran focus groups across all parts of the service (community and witness) and in regional centres across the UK.

“In one initial project meeting Carol gained a very good insight into our initial assumptions and areas for exploration. She produced professional focus group plans for us to agree. The insights delivered in our presentation and report are fantastic. We are delighted with the outcome!”

Chris Wade: Head of Learning and Volunteer Development, Victim Support

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