How we are being influenced this Spring

Why does ‘British’ get a price premium?

On a recent supermarket shop I needed to get some plain flour. I was of course amazed by the choice; from organic through to own-label through to numerous brands. What I noticed was, in addition to this on the own label range was BRITISH plain flour. This was priced slightly above the generic basics flour, which also happened to be British. As we lurch towards Brexit does this imply that not only will imported goods will be more expensive but that produce produced here will be too?

What it is however, is a clever marketing ploy to make us make an informed yet spontaneous purchase decisions based on nationalistic values rather than cool headed price comparisons.  The other irony is that the supermarket that I was in is owned by an American corporation.


The joy of shopping in SHOPS

 My house is often like a parcel depot because of so many Internet purchases. It’s not just for receiving parcels it’s also a holding bay for returning parcels because   so often the product just  doesn’t deliver what was promised on the site.  This issue was amusingly raised in a recent article by Zoe Williams – The truth about shopping online. 

Whilst the convenience of internet shopping is obvious, surely there is still a growing market for high street shops.  My recent experience was a delight – expert   advice, ensuring the right fit and right style and a humorous and friendly interaction with a human!  No trip to the post office required.



It’s a tough industry, the tobacco industry and I don’t envy them the challenge of promoting their brands.

What I do find interesting is that whilst sponsorship advertising and packaging are all heavily regulated and focused on trying to dissuade people smoking, there is a huge increase in showing people smoking on screen, including the award winning The Green Book and the comedy series Fleabag.

The recent period dramas and films portray women and men smoking heavily; the women often with red lips and nails. This is so much more enticing than the strawberries and cream vaping machines that proliferate the High Street. I wonder what the effect these programmes play in encouraging smoking?